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"The BEST gluten free flour and mixes I have tried yet. You can't really even tell you're eating something that's gluten free! Great product, ships in a timely manner. HIGHLY recommend!"
—Living Social Customer

"I LOVE all your products! Your flour is so wonderful- I cannot thank you enough for it."

"I made a batch of cookies using the Cookie Mix. They are the most awesomely tasting cookies I ever ate! The only problem is that if I don't have someone hide them from me, I will be eating all of them!!!"

Certified Gluten Free

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  Back-to-School Pack + Add 1 APF for $15 more (Free S&H on entire order)

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Product Code: SPECIAL-SO13B
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Extra Credit: Get a 2nd bag of Jules' Flour for just $15 more.
You've got 5-subject notebooks and #2s to think about. We make having everything you need for epic gluten-free eating on hand easy: we'll send it to you all at once! Here's what included in our back-to-curricula spectacular:
  • Two 5-pound bag of Jules' All Purpose Flour - with all of the recipes Jules has and continues to develop, or using your own, yummy gluten free has never been easier (it's almost like having the answers to the test beforehand).
  • One bag of Jules' Bread Mix - you may have heard, or wondered, if the rumors are true. They are. Epic, wonder-why-other-gluten-free-breads-can't-taste-this-good bread awaits, in the mix you can master in your oven or in your bread machine. Sandwiches for everyone!
  • One bag of Jules' Graham Cracker Mix - mix it all up, put it in your freezer, then bake 'em as you need 'em. They're also PERFECT to send to allergen-sensitive school for special occasions, as they're free, not only of gluten, but of the top 8 allergens, too!
  • One bag of Jules' Cookie Mix - 60, we'll spell it out too, SIXTY, palm-sized cookies await in this-here bag of yummy goodness. SIXTY (it bears repeating). Again, mix it up, freeze it, and use with scoop-and-bake convenience. And flexible? See immediately below.
  • Jules' Cookie Mix e-Book - Jules wanted to test the limits of her versatile mix, and came up with TWELVE (there we go again, spelling it out) recipes from ONE mix! (She actually hit her time limit before her Cookie Mix limit). Most people who try the mix wish they'd bought more of them, but, more about that in a second.
  • Jules' Back-to-School e-Book - if this is your first school year with a gluten-free student, this book is indispensable. Jules offers advice on how and when to talk to teachers, handling special occasions, creative and simple lunchbox ideas for mains, desserts and snack time; and college tips regarding roommates, dining hall issues, meeting gluten-free friends and more.
  • FREE SHIPPING! Always a crowd pleaser ... kind of like the straight-A-student-athlete who also runs for class President...

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