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"The BEST gluten free flour and mixes I have tried yet. You can't really even tell you're eating something that's gluten free! Great product, ships in a timely manner. HIGHLY recommend!"
—Living Social Customer

"I LOVE all your products! Your flour is so wonderful- I cannot thank you enough for it."

"I made a batch of cookies using the Cookie Mix. They are the most awesomely tasting cookies I ever ate! The only problem is that if I don't have someone hide them from me, I will be eating all of them!!!"

Certified Gluten Free

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SPECIAL-SO15A   6 APF plus 12 mixes
SPECIAL-SO15B   6 APF plus 24 mixes
SPECIAL-SO11A   Add 1 Bag of All Purpose Flour for $15 more!
SPECIAL-SO11B   Add 2 Bags of All Purpose Flour for $25 more!
BCS   Biscuit Cutter Set
SPECIAL-SO11   Everything you need to make your own hamburger buns from Jules Gluten Free™`
SPECIAL-SO4   Free Shipping on 3 Bags of All Purpose Flour
SPECIAL-SO4-MIX   Free Shipping on 3 Bags of Flour + 5 Cookie Mixes for $20 More
SPECIAL-NCPL7   Gluten Free Easy Baking Pack
SPECIAL-SO12   Graham Cracker Value Pack
SPECIAL-SO12B   Graham Cracker Value Pack PLUS 5 Cookie Mixes
SPECIAL-SO12A   Graham Cracker Value Pack PLUS One 5lb bag of All Purpose Flour
SPECIAL-NCPL5   JGF New Customer Pack
FLOUR-1x5   Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour: 5-lb Bag
FLOUR-6X5   Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour: 6 x 5lb Bags
MIX-BREAD   Jules Gluten Free Bread Mix
MIX-BROWNIE   Jules Gluten Free Brownie Mix
OATS-1x1   Jules Gluten Free Certified GF Instant Oats: 1-lb Bag
MIX-CORNBRD   Jules Gluten Free Cornbread Mix
SPECIAL-FBP   Jules Gluten Free Frequent Baker's Pack - 3 bags of flour
MIX-GHM   Jules Gluten Free Graham Cracker-Gingersnap Mix: 1.5-Pound Bag
SPECIAL-NCPL6   Jules Gluten Free Holiday Baking Pack
MIX-Oatmeal-Cookie   Jules Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookie Mix
MIX-PANCAKE   Jules Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix
MIX-Pizza-Crust   Jules Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix
SPECIAL-GRPN1   Jumbo Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Pack
MIX-COOKIE   ORIGINAL Cookie Mix from Jules Gluten Free
Start-Here!-PC-Br-Cookies-CB   Start Here! JGF Starter Kit-Mixes Only
Start-Here!-Flour-Cookies-CB-B   Start Here! Jules Gluten Free Starter Kit for Bakers
MIX-Sugar-Cookie   Sugar Cookie Mix by Jules Gluten Free

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