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"The BEST gluten free flour and mixes I have tried yet. You can't really even tell you're eating something that's gluten free! Great product, ships in a timely manner. HIGHLY recommend!"
—Living Social Customer

"I LOVE all your products! Your flour is so wonderful- I cannot thank you enough for it."

"I made a batch of cookies using the Cookie Mix. They are the most awesomely tasting cookies I ever ate! The only problem is that if I don't have someone hide them from me, I will be eating all of them!!!"

Certified Gluten Free


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"I can't explain how appreciative I am of you for creating your gluten free flour!! For the first time in years, I am able to bake fresh, TASTY items that are safe for me and delicious for my family. You certainly have a customer for life!"
Staci D. – Facebook
"So far I have made biscuits and cinnamon rolls! YUM! The muffins were delicious! Thanks for developing a great product!!"
Christine W. R.D., L. D.
"Your flour has been the brightest spot in my existence with Celiac Disease."
Hope R.
"I have to tell you, my mouth hasn’t been this happy since I was diagnosed and gave up all things wheat, oats, barely and rye! You have given me hope that I can bake again. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH… With much love and respect for all of your hard work."
Nancy G.
"I tried other mixes and was just not happy with the results so I stopped baking... Lately I have been experimenting with your flour in traditional recipes for a pot pie, hermits and a honey cake. I have not had a failure yet!"
Shana S.
"I did make the pizza crust and it was ‘FABULOUS.’ My kids and my husband really enjoyed it and they are not Celiac."
Marsha M.
"WOW! Double wow. You’ve done it. You’re created a flour that creates real, edible gluten-free baked goods."
Brian W.
"I used (your flour) to make pizza last night. I used the recipe in your book. I couldn’t believe how good the crust was! I made my chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday with your flour. My son said, ‘These taste like your regular cookies! You can’t tell they’re gluten-free.’ Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Caroline K.
"I went ahead today and made cranberry-oatmeal cookies with your mix. The results were spectacular! NO ONE IN MY FAMILY COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE!"
Erica W.
"I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR FLOUR. I can make anything with it. Thank you."
Paula B.
"Finally, after 4 years I enjoy baking again. Bless you!"
Laura M.
"Thanks for your flour mixes. You make a gluten free life so much better."
Angela R.