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"The BEST gluten free flour and mixes I have tried yet. You can't really even tell you're eating something that's gluten free! Great product, ships in a timely manner. HIGHLY recommend!"
—Living Social Customer

"I LOVE all your products! Your flour is so wonderful- I cannot thank you enough for it."

"I made a batch of cookies using the Cookie Mix. They are the most awesomely tasting cookies I ever ate! The only problem is that if I don't have someone hide them from me, I will be eating all of them!!!"

Certified Gluten Free

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  Jules' New Customer Pack
Jules Gluten Free New Customer Pack

At last, truly
gluten-free living!

Our Price: $99.95

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If you're just embarking on your gluten-free journey, or are new to Jules Gluten Free, there is no better way to regain the kitchen confidence you've perhaps been missing, or to once again offer the great-tasting foods you used to proudly serve to everyone at the table. Jules has dedicated her life to giving you both.

Jules' New Customer Pack is specially priced to let you see for yourself what thousands have discovered and have made the gluten-free community's most revered baking products. Our most popular products are exactly what you'll get, combined with 198 recipes!
Get our New Customer Pack—delivered right to your door!

AP label
Jules Gluten FreeTM All Purpose Flour
Most bakers chafe at the notion of compromise. They know performance is key in creating food people crave. Why should that be any different when preparing gluten-free foods? You can't be different from Jules in wanting a flour you can use in breads, pies, cookies, muffins, cakes, pasta, everything.

That's why Jules spent two long years perfecting this blend you're now considering. For Jules, working in 9 out of 10 recipes wasn't good enough. Neither was putting her perfected blend into 2-pound bags, just to keep the price down. Or leaving out the critical xanthan gum, and making you find and buy this expensive addition yourself. Jules is a real baker, like you. So here is a real baker's real 5-pound bag of truly all-purpose flour. Ready to use right out of the bag. In ALL (not most) of your recipes. We're excited to hear your reviews—like some of the thousands Jules has received, many of which you can read on the individual product pages on this site.

Cookie Label
Jules Gluten-FreeTM Cookie Mix
Want to know what Jules' #1 best-selling mix is? You're looking at it. And it's earned the top spot. First of all, it cranks out 60 awesome cookies the size of your palm. Secondly, time and time again, people at shows and classes where Jules serves her cookies swear they taste better than gluten versions (and many of these folks don't eat gluten free!). Like Jules' flour, this mix is crazy versatile.

Jules leaves the choice of add-ins, for example, up to you—so if you're contending with a dairy allergy, say, you can use dairy-free chips. Prefer peanut butter chips? Both? How about dried cranberries? You see where this is going? It's so versatile, that Jules wrote a cookbook with photos and instructions on how to make 12 different recipes using this one amazing mix! It's actually included in this New Customer Pack. Word to the wise: you may want to throw an extra bag or two of Jules' Cookie Mix into your order. You'll be glad you did!

Jules Gluten-FreeTM Cornbread MixCornbread
Don't go without easy, delicious cornbread any longer. Jules' mix is based on her family's recipe. It'll surely remind you of the warm, aromatic cornbread from your past. Keep a few bags handy in your pantry, for a go-to, sure-to-please addition to any meal.

Make mini cornbread muffins you can pop into kids (and adult) lunches. Microwave a slice and slather it with 100% maple syrup in the morning. Jules makes a pumpkin cornbread in the fall. There are ever so many ways to incorporate this simple pleasure into almost any meal. Cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving, anyone! And it couldn't be easier to make. The raves from the family will almost make you feel guilty that it was so simple to add to their meal. Life can be hard. Cornbread never is!

Jules Gluten-FreeTM Pizza Crust Mix
Jules' newest mix has been off-the-charts popular since she unveiled it in late June of this year. People who'd seen Jules demo it at shows (and tasted the results) started begging for a Jules Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix. Seems they agreed with her: the rice crusts restaurants serve, and the state of the affairs of the crust-in-a-bag option at some grocery stores didn't cut it. She'll tell you, she lived on pizza in college (who didn't, right?). So Jules knows her pizza.

Jules also knows how much fun, and how unifying making pizza at home can is. Her kids have been lending their well-oiled little hands to spread the dough since they were three or four. They top their own half of their pizza with toppings they wash and prepare. Besides great-tasting pizza, Jules prides herself even more for the indelible memories she's creating for her kids.

Requiring just a few ingredients from you, Jules' Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix includes the yeast, and gives you clear, step-by-step instructions that are "factory tested" by 4-foot tall kids! From your first bag, you'll be making pizza crusts that off-the-boat Italians have written to Jules raving about. Do something about the Pizza Void in your gluten-free life. It's filled!

NTGF cover
37-page New to Gluten Free e-Book
Jules' expert advice has helped thousands make a safe, confident transition to living gluten free. 37 pages of tips on converting your kitchen, traveling, dating, hosting—there's even a quick-start 3-day meal plan.

Bread Baking e-Book cover
Gluten Free Bread Baking e-Book
GF-ers miss bread more than just about anything. Jules proves how easy and satisfying making your own can be. Including 5 great recipes, this popular book gives you tips for baking fresh bread in your oven or bread maker.

Cookie Mix e-Book cover
Jules Gluten Free Cookie Mix e-Book
33 pages of proof that Jules' fantabulous gluten-free cookie mix can be turned into no fewer than 12 delectable recipes! Cookies are highly personal, and you can personalize Jules' mix just about any way you can imagine!

NNC cover
Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten Free Eating
The 145-recipe cookbook that started it all. Simple, family recipes, featuring easy-to-find ingredients make Jules' first cookbook a great start for many people missing their family-favorite comfort foods.

Dinner-a-Day e-Book cover
Gluten Free Dinner-a-Day e-Book
People living gluten-free are as time starved as anyone else. So Jules penned a book with a week's worth of soon-to-be-favorite recipes (8, actually) that everyone in the family will request again and again.

Phew! That's a lot of stuff.
Jules Gluten Free has a lot to offer anyone serious about living gluten free safely, confidently...and without compromise. However it is that you found your way here, you have discovered a treasure trove of credible, first-hand information, proven recipes and the support you deserve.

Try the Jules Gluten Free New Customer Pack today.
Discover the richness of a gluten-free life well lived. Experience joy in your kitchen again. Revel in foods that everyone in the family can (and want to) eat, so no one has to be served "special" food that no one else can stomach. Jules Gluten Free gives you the flour and mixes you need to get back to feeling normal, by making planning and preparing delicious meals easy and fun again.

All Jules Gluten Free products are created in a certified gluten-free facility that is also free of the Top 8 allergens. It is also certified Kosher.

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