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"The BEST gluten free flour and mixes I have tried yet. You can't really even tell you're eating something that's gluten free! Great product, ships in a timely manner. HIGHLY recommend!"
—Living Social Customer

"I LOVE all your products! Your flour is so wonderful- I cannot thank you enough for it."

"I made a batch of cookies using the Cookie Mix. They are the most awesomely tasting cookies I ever ate! The only problem is that if I don't have someone hide them from me, I will be eating all of them!!!"

Certified Gluten Free

Starting in March all Jules Gluten Free™ products will be available at Freedom Delivered with new names and labels – yet, the products will be same as you’ve enjoyed since 2009.
We’re excited to share our new and improved labels and names. With these improvements rest assured that our products will not be changing—same ingredients, same formulations, same manufacturer we’ve used since 2009—so you can count on the same great performance and taste you’ve enjoyed for years.
Baking Free™
For the baking enthusiast…
New label. Same great product!
Positively Free™
For gluten-free eaters looking for easy-to-bake, delicious, and safe baked goods…
New label. Same great product!